Propping up real estate with fintech.

We Breakthrough The Plights of Property Agents

The 1st All-in-One Property Management App Platform in Malaysia

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Endless stream of clients?

Fair commission payout structure & on-time payment?

Real Estate Investment

propBUDDIES client enjoying a positive cash flow over RM 1,500 monthly.

Mortgage Loan

propBUDDIES assist to evaluate your financial situation and calculate pre-loan eligibility to minimise your commitment and improve chances of loan approval.

Financial Advisory

Experienced certified financial planners (CFP) & Certified financial Coach (CFC) committed to provide you with the most professional financial advice

Overturning Malaysia’s property industry with an integrated ecosystem

Be the pioneer in property industry in this all-in-one platform!

propbuddies is a platform that has revolutionized real estate services mortgage loan, e-shopping mall, finance advisory & education, which we have completely streamlined the buying & selling process with intelligent software that works with you to supercharge your sales performance.



An exquisite ecosystem—propBUDDIES Society combined each real estate representative’ needs!

propBUDDIES is a platform that has revolutionised real estate services, mortgage loans, e-shopping malls, financial advisory & education, where we have completely streamlined the buying and selling process with intelligent software that works with you to supercharge your sales performance.



Financial Freedom

Financial freedom can only be achieved if you apply a set of GOLDEN RULES with the guidance of a group of professional Certified Financial Coaches (CFCs) from propBUDDIES.

propBUDDIES Society

Debt Consolidation

We help to review your clients’ DSR & financial status. Help them to restructure their debts and turn their debts into assets.

Property Marketplace

Listing is not an issue! Find your dream home and sell your property on one platform.

Property & Finance Education

Keep your wealth rolling non-stop through financial education. Beneficial to both real estate agents & homeowners

Renovation & Repair

Our R&R team is always here to PROP you! In providing you the hassle-free R&R service, your tenants/owners need not worry!

Property Management

We have a dedicated team to help your tenants/homeowners to manage their property. All-in-1 property management solution!

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