propBUDDIES is a platform that has revolutionised real estate services, mortgage loans, e-shopping malls, financial advisory & education, where we have completely streamlined the buying and selling process with intelligent software that works with you to supercharge your sales performance.

We are redefining the future of property agents through a revolutionized ecosystem with the existence of property technology.

We gather all the real estate into our propBUDDIES platform and equip each buddies with the PROP financial knowledge, allowing buddies to overcome the obstacles and improve their closing skills. We created a more significant monetization opportunity to last even longer

propBUDDIES also strive to help the homeowners to maximize the value of their assets to the greatest.


Propping up real estate with fintech.


The 1st all-in-one property community app in Asia.



serve the people


Break the limits


Break the best


Build to last


Mr. Lee Jia Jie

I’ve been working as a real estate agent for about 2 years. I had gone through a lot of obstacles when closing the deal. Thanks to propBUDDIES. I managed to close deals up to RM20 million within 6 months.

Ms. Taylor Chia

I felt so fed up every time when the deal is closing. It means I have to start all over again to look for new clients. By joining propBUDDIES, I don’t have to deal with this. They’ve got me back with a lot of client contacts in the system. Thank you, propBUDDIES!

propBUDDIES 5x spirit

We Learn

The most valuable resource that all teacher have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspective. 

We Care

We are at our finest when we start taking care for each other.

We Tolerance

Tolerance doesn’t mean that we agree, or ignore each other. It means we make space for other people’s opinion.

We Trust

Why we try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed.

We Support

Whatever u lack, we got you. We balance each other out. We accept you at your strongest yet love and support you at your weakest.

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